Our network offers the most Trusted Effective Economical services

The leaflet network offers efficient and cost-effective leaflet distribution with unbeatable service levels. We comprise of in-house staff and contracted distribution companies who follow our business models and practices. We cover every Postal Sector in Britain, with many teams joining to be a part of our network.

The benefits of the leaflet network include:

It is better for the environment

By teams working together and passing each other closer work, we can reduce travel between maps and the emissions created when doing this.

It is effective

We use only the most trustworthy teams around the UK and these are backchecked and tested regularly. This means the teams within our network can give you the best job and create the most prospects for you and your business.

It gives ethical distribution companies a chance

There are many unethical distribution companies who, due to unsatisfactory practises, can offer a cheaper service. This does not give the ethical companies a chance to gain work.

Great customer service

When using the leaflet network, you receive the best customer service. All staff are either training or trained in customer service. This reflects when you are ever dealing with one of our friendly office staff.

How does the leaflet network work?

The leaflet network is made up of up to 120 different leaflet distribution companies at any one time. This is because there are approximately 120 postal areas and when a new team joins the network, they are allocated the postal area in which they cover. Some teams that are part of the network cover more than one postal area.

When work comes through our website, it is directed to the distribution company of the selected area. We are aware of this also, and our company is the middleman, through the entire process. We are kept up to date with any distribution orders and we monitor it closely. The distribution company will be the main contact through this process and our company remain in the background.

Work will often come direct to the leaflet network as some clients wish for us to arrange and carry out all backchecks along the way. This is still allocated to the distribution company for that area, but we arrange everything. Clients who choose this method, never get put directly in touch with the distribution company of that area, and instead is allocated an account manager from the leaflet network.

When a new team joins the network of leaflet distributors, they are provided all necessary information to be able to train their staff to a standard that we expect. This includes rules of distribution and information about the back checks we will carry out following the distribution.

We check up on each company that is part of the leaflet network regularly and chase businesses that use them, through us, for feedback on the distribution campaign they completed. This can give us an insight into whether the distribution they are completing remains effective for the entire duration they are a part of the network.

When teams are given bad feedback on multiple occasions and/ or the back checks carried out seem to have discrepancies then they can be removed from our network.

If you are a business who chooses to use a company though our network, and wish to use the same company again, it is always worth coming back through the leaflet network to use them as this can result in a cheaper rate and even confirm whether they are still the best distribution company within the chosen area.

Why was the leaflet network created?

The leaflet network was established to give businesses a more reliable and trustworthy leaflet distribution service. This is maintained by completing checks on all companies we work with while providing knowledge where it is necessary to staff and other teams. We are forever evolving to create a cheaper and more efficient service for businesses looking to advertise in the most effective way possible.

Leaflet distribution when completed correctly, is a very effective marketing technique, perhaps one of the most successful techniques available to businesses. It is used by large corporations as well as small to medium enterprises. This is due to the great return on investment you can receive when it is done correctly.

You can view articles on our website to ensure that your campaign is correctly planned, and every aspect of the distribution campaign is considered.

With the industry becoming ever more competitive, the leaflet network also gives distribution companies a great opportunity to bring in work and gain regular customers. The industry as previously mentioned is overshadowed by companies offering a service at a cheap rate, but then never carrying out the work as is should have been done.

Unfortunately, due to companies like this within the leaflet distribution industry, the ethical and honest distribution companies are not able to gain work as their rates tend to be more expensive. When considering a company to deliver your leaflets, the cheapest do not always end up being the best.

At the leaflet network, we only work with the most trustworthy teams around the country, and therefore we conduct back checks regularly on them, to ensure they keep completing the distribution runs correctly.

Having a distribution run completed correctly will result in a good outcome for all parties involved.


Who We Are

Where the leaflet network began.

We began as a company offering many marketing services. One of which was leaflet distribution where we had teams all across South Wales and into England. We often noticed that customers would choose the cheapest option they came across and later would return to us with regret. They had been scammed!

Looking to create a more effective service for clients all across the country we established the leaflet network.

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Read why our network is Important

The Leaflet Network was established to make it easier and far more effective for businesses looking to advertise direct to the consumer.

We have some useful articles and resources for businesses looking to gain the most from their leaflet distribution campaign.

With the information provided in each of our articles, you can see the benefits of marketing your business through this method. When conducted correctly, leaflet distribution has one of the highest response rates of all marketing techniques.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.