Leaflet distribution

What is Leaflet Distribution?

Leaflet Distribution, also known as Leaflet delivery, Flyer Distribution, Flyer Delivery, Letterbox Marketing or Door Drop Marketing has become an effective marketing option in which to promote businesses and events.

Boy with newspaper

History of Leaflet Distribution

Back in the 1400’s it would have been common practise to go into the streets and cry out at the top of your voice if you had information to share to the locals. This would, however, work out to be rather ineffective...

Audience reserach for leaflet distribution

Audience Research

Audience research is essentially any research conducted on a customer base to find out about their attitudes, behaviours, and habits - to understand them. The sample can be made up of any group of interest – whether this is nationality...

Location research for leaflet distribution

Location Research

It is important to target the correct areas when planning your leaflet distribution. Using your audience research and knowing what type of customers are most likely to engage with your leaflet is used extensively here.

Graphic design for leaflet distribution

Designing a Leaflet

When planning the design of your flyer ready to be distributed to households, you must ensure that it is eye-catching and relevant. You need a resident to see the flyer on their door mat and want to pick it up to read it.

Printing for leaflet distribution

Printing a Leaflet

Thinking of how your leaflet should be printed is an important aspect of planning a distribution campaign. What size the flyer will be and what weight are all points to consider. A5 and A6 flyers tend to be the most common for leaflet distribution...