Harrogate Postal Area

Leaflet distribution

The HG postcode area, also known as the Harrogate postcode area, covers Harrogate, Ripon and Knaresborough in North Yorkshire.

Approximate total number of households in area: 56596

Get in touch with the team directly to arrange the leaflet distribution with them, or alternatively, get in touch with the leaflet network team to arrange this distribution for you. To come through the leaflet network there may be an added fee, but we will make sure to get every angle covered for you. For general enquiries please use the contact page.

HG Postal Area

Enquire with our team in the area

Contact direct to our team in the area to arrange your leaflet distribution. Please include as much information regarding what you need as possible, such as quantity of leaflets being delivered, the location you need delivered, size of leaflet, timescales etc.

Business Name
Phone Number


This is approximately how many houses are in each Postal Sector. This can vary as time goes on and should be checked with the team when planning your leaflet distribution campaign.

Postal Sector Households
HG1 1 544
HG1 2 3183
HG1 3 3150
HG1 4 5339
HG1 5 2606
HG2 0 3684
HG2 7 4673
HG2 8 3385
HG2 9 2229
HG3 1 2039
HG3 2 4529
HG3 3 1650
HG3 4 602
HG3 5 1396
HG4 1 3705
HG4 2 3006
HG4 3 1437
HG4 4 1097
HG4 5 974
HG5 0 3569
HG5 8 2114
HG5 9 1685

Enquire with the leaflet network

Enquire for your distribution run through the leaflet network and let our in house staff do all the arrangements for you.

Business Name
Phone Number